About Us

Steffany Diamond is the brand of top class jewellery manufacturer that constantly strives for perfection. Our history dates back to over 30 years of progress, satisfaction and innovation. We have achieved an astounding number of over 100.000 satisfied customers. Our unique designs and extraordinary craftsmanship are the result of hard work we put into every single jewellery piece.

Steffany Diamond has a manufacturing factory in Istanbul that distributes jewellery to many shops around the world. Our factory hosts most of Steffany Diamond’s designers and goldsmiths who work very hard and dig deep into their imagination in order to face the needs of the pickiest clients.

Being the oldest jewellery shop in Alanya, Turkey, Steffany Diamond is also a retail shop. Over 100.000 customers made a purchase via our shop in Alanya and steffanydiamond.com to date. The company’s website has been designed to guide our customers through their choice of the most suitable jewellery in terms of design, material and price. Our exceptional customer service and simple design makes the online store easily accessible to every customer from around the world. The dynamic development of Steffany Diamond and its position as a leader on the jewellery market in Alanya has resulted in the brand receiving numerous appraisals and positive feedback.

The magnificence of Steffany Diamond is due to its reputation as the most valued and best known brand in Alanya, leaving the competition far behind. Our brand is the most trusted one among European visitors. We collaborate with the best Italian designers and innovative European brands. Steffany Diamond is known as a brand whose products meet the latest trends and it is strongly associated with modernity and perfection. Steffany Diamond is considered an expert in the field of gemstones, diamonds and jewellery manufaturing. We are proud to be associated with luxury and prestige.